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Plan B!

Photographers rule, always have a plan B. It takes a lot of planning and a fair bit of luck to pull off a fashion shoot outdoors, add to that a few horses as part of the shoot and you can see why I might be feeling anxious! The forecast was upgraded from rain, to heavy rain to storms and then some lightning thrown in. Flash floods soon caused chaos at the stables and plan B 'my studio' was put into action. Then on the way home I popped into my local antique shop to borrow a chair, told the owner all about my dilemma and the rest as they say was history. The shop was a perfect backdrop for the shoot and as it also has a cafe it proved a bonus for them. My client was more than happy and all very grateful to the kindness of The Three Angels by Vintage Charm 5 Hove St, Hove. Client Elif Kose, Rottingdean

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