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Record Keeper

Nikon Girl





When I'm not behind my Nikon you'll find me in front of my beloved 27'' Mac doing my thing in Lightroom or Photoshop.


After years of working in the world of Marketing, where I was casting models and booking photographers, I downed tools, moved to Brighton (well Hove actually) and started a whole new journey. Crazy yes, right decision absolutely. Photography wasn't new to me - I'd done my apprenticeship in a previous life.


You're only as good as your last job, or so the saying goes.  I'm really fortunate that most of my work comes from either networking which I love, from people I have worked with before or referrals. That said I am always reaching out to new and exciting clients.


If that's you - feel free to call me




PS: Brighton is only an hour from London, just saying!








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